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We provide during 5 small-scale high-level seminars a practical approach, with the aim of raising the skills of professionals involved in managing compliance issues like business ethics, personal data management and trade compliance.
A helicopter view with all the most relevant compliance topics, not only one, to provide the professional with more depth for risk analysis, efficiency for key compliance activities and a higher value in the management within his team, and for its top executives. Then be eligible to become part of a national community of compliance professionals, updated and enriched by the international work and standards of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).


Taking ethics & compliance to the next level might require compliance practitioners and business leaders to rethink integrity policies. In order to help them face the challenge of improving the ethical cultures inside organizations, this seminar intends to provide cutting edge insights on brain science and social psychology to improve effectiveness of communications and training.

Our speaker for this afternoon is praised as one of the top 25 women who revolutionize the German economy, selected by Zeit Online, Handelsblatt and Edition F.


Katharina Weghmann
Katharina WeghmannAssociate Partner, Forensic & Integrity Services, EY
Katharina holds a Doctorate in Organizational Learning and Adult Education from Columbia University, New York, and teaches responsibility and leadership at universities around the world. For years, she has focused her work on engaging with business leaders to understand their needs and challenges in implementing ethics. As a certified specialist in the areas of “Whistleblowing”, “Business Ethics” and “Systemic Learning”, Katharina focuses on the fields of “Integrity Management” and the “Future of Compliance” working group.

Breaking silos of regulatory risks to outperform traditional compliance approaches

While risks may differ depending on the industry and where operations are based, a holistic approach of compliance might very well be the strongest and most cost-effective to deliver business value and drive ethical behaviour in the company.

  • One risk culture (taxonomy, appetite) served by expert teams
  • Latest trends in compliance (programme) requirements for anticorruption, GDPR, export control and economic sanctions,…


Harald Haelterman
Harald HaeltermanManager Legal Compliance & Integrity, TNT/FedEx Express
Dr. Harald Haelterman joined TNT Express in 2002 and held a number of (senior) management positions in Security and Compliance prior to being appointed Global Head of Business Ethics in June 2013. Following the acquisition of TNT, he joined the FedEx Legal Department as a Manager Legal Compliance & Integrity for the international express business. Since 2006 he has been an associate member of the Faculty of Law and Criminology at Ghent University, alternately as an Academic Advisor, Postdoctoral Researcher and Visiting Professor, and in 2017 he was appointed Visiting Professor at the Law Faculty of KU Leuven. He is a former independent Expert for the European Commission Research Executive Agency and a former Chairman of the European Express Association Security Committee. His areas of expertise include Corporate Security, Ethics and Legal Compliance.
Stéphanie De Smedt
Stéphanie De SmedtAttorney at law, Loyens & Loeff
Stéphanie focuses on intellectual property law (including technology transfers, trademark and copyright licensing and counterfeit matters), ICT law (including e-commerce and software and other Internet-related contracts) and privacy and data protection. She has a particular focus on GDPR compliance, the structuring of (cross-border) data flows and regularly assists clients with data protection compliance audits. Stéphanie also represents clients in court and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings in her areas of expertise.

She has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2012. She is also a member of the International Trademark Association and the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Danaïs Fol
Danaïs FolAttorney at law, Loyens & Loeff
Danaïs holds a Dual Master in Law from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium, 2014) and the University of Leeds (United Kingdom, 2014) and an LL.M of Columbia University New York (USA, 2018).

Danaïs has been a member of the Brussels Bar since 2014.

Bert Gevers
Bert GeversPartner, Loyens & Loeff Belgium
Bert advises clients on matters related to international and domestic exchange of goods and services. Matters such as export controls and sanctions, FTA’s, customs valuation, origin, classification, excise duties and VAT are familiar parts of my practice. He is also co-heading the Food & Beverages team and he is a core member of the firm’s Corporate Investigation Team.

Bert assists clients by drafting compliance programmes, giving trainings, as well as in performing internal scans and audits. He also represent clients before the Belgian and Dutch authorities and courts as well as before the European Commission, its advisory committees and the Court of Justice of the European Union. He has ample experience in counselling clients involved in (criminal) investigations on suspected tax and trade law violations.

While in nonfinancial companies, resources for compliance, risk, audit, and legal functions are globally estimated to an average of only 0.5 for every 100 employees, new customer or third-party vetting requires more and more checks on adverse information. Beyond due diligence, transaction monitoring provides for non-compliance risks mitigation and business insights. But how do companies best make use of external and internal data to improve these processes?

  • Third Party Due Diligence principles and benefits: who do we do business with?
    By Kristl Matton, Corporate Security Officer @Umicore (tbc)
  • Transaction Monitoring
    By Martim Della Valle, Founder @Zenith Source


Martim Della Valle
Martim Della ValleFounder @Zenith Source
Martim Della Valle was until August 2018, Martim was the global head of compliance, antitrust and litigation for AB-InBev, the world’s largest brewer. As such, he designed and implemented a global compliance program that became a case study at the Harvard Business School and received several recognitions including the Financial Times’ most innovative lawyers award. He then founded Zenith Source, a company dedicated to technology and consultancy for compliance (www.zenithsource.com). Previous to that Martim has held in-house positions and practiced law in major law firms. Martim holds a PhD. in international law and has published two books on international arbitration. Martim lectures at the International Anti-Corruption Academy in Vienna and is a board member of Transparency International Belgium.
Kristl Matton
Kristl MattonCorporate Security Officer, Umicore
Specialized in Corporate Security & Safety, Fraud audits and Compliance;
Data protection Officer and Information Security expert;
Risk manager with Crisis management, BCM and DRP experience;
Skilled in contract and technical project management for Facility Management and Real Estate;
With experience in the financial sector and working for the government.

With the vital importance of Internet-related technologies at the centre of business activities of most industries, cyber, data and privacy issues are definitely business and compliance issues. Risks associated with financial penalties as well as economic and legal costs challenge the company’s whole risk culture and support the need for the right attitude towards safety but also care and respect for (personal) data processing.

  • Legal aspects of cybersecurity
    By Sari Depreeuw, Partner heading the IP/IT team @DALDEWOLF
  • Internet security threat
    By Ilias Chantzos, Senior Director Government Affairs programmes for EMEA and Asia Pacific Japan @ Symantec


Sari Depreeuw is a Belgian lawyer heading the IP/IT team at Brussels-based law firm DALDEWOLF. In addition she teaches intellectual property law and media law at Université Saint Louis Bruxelles and she is affiliated to the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (research group LSTS). Sari has published several articles and contributes to conferences and seminars on a regular basis.
Ilias Chantzos
Ilias ChantzosSenior Director Government Affairs programmes for EMEA and Asia Pacific Japan, Symantec

Both governments and public opinion have pushed for more active enforcement, so regulators  have responded. Heightened regulatory scrutiny translates itself in an increased threat of investigation. But reports of non-compliant behaviour can also happen internally through a variety of channels and must be taken seriously and subjected to a prompt, thorough, and objective investigation.

  • General considerations on compliance investigations preparedness
    • Two experienced professionals, one coming from France, will provide participants during one hour with top notch insights on controls and investigations based on their corporate experience Belgium and in different foreign cultures of investigation, as well as on their interactions with national and foreign control bodies and authorities.
  • How compliance investigations benefit from Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
    • During 2 hours, participants will learn about AI and you will have the opportunity to try it all yourself, so every participant needs to bring his/her laptop. Indeed, when handling complex cases or answering regulatory requests, the challenges to find all relevant information in time can be overwhelming and complex. It does not matter if you are working for a corporation or law firm: today’s legal professional has to deal with an ever increasing number of information requests from regulators, internal investigations, compliance audits, legal conflicts and GDPR-related requests. We all agree that mere searching is no longer good enough. Today you can use computers to help you identify potential relevant and responsive documents. Supported by advanced machine learning, a component of artificial intelligence (AI), computers can be taught to use a sample of relevant and responsive documents to calculate what other documents have similar content.


Iohann Le Frapper
Iohann Le FrapperGeneral Counsel, Vice-Chair of the ICC international Corporate Responsibility & Anticorruption commission
Iohann serves as Group General Counsel of a French multinational pharmaceutical and cosmetics company. He serves as well as the Vice-Chair of the ICC international Corporate Responsibility & Anti-corruption commission. He also serves as an Advisory Board member of US-based Elevate Services. He was previously Chief Legal Officer of Gulf Bridge International and general counsel & compliance lead for the Networks group for Alcatel-Lucent. Mr. Le Frapper has been the global Chair of the board of directors of the Association Of Corporate Counsel (2017).
As an Assurance partner, Frederik Verhasselt is leading the Forensic & Integrity services department at EY Belgium. He was formerly Corporate Security Officer, responsible for the security, integrity and compliance of a stock quoted multinational active in the precious metals & chemical industry. Frederik worked on various national and international assignments regarding criminal investigations, litigation support, (business) intelligence and asset tracing.
Lennert Hoogvliet
Lennert Hoogvliet Executive Vice President EMEA Region, ZyLAB
Lennert relies on a demonstrated history of working in the computer software and legal industry, and he is responsible for expanding the ZyLAB ecosystem by working with innovative, expert partners to provide companies with the best technologies to address their ever growing eDiscovery and information governance needs. A strong accounting professional, he is an expert skilled in eDiscovery, operations management and enterprise software.
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Any professional with interest for or whose practice relates to the implementation and the administration of the compliance procedures and policies: anti-bribery and anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, antitrust, competition law and economic sanctions, conflicts of interest, data privacy and protection, fraud prevention, import and export control, insider trading,… would benefit from an updated training on different areas of compliance requirements and trends by recognized experts:

Compliance Officer
Corporate Security Officer
Corporate Counsel
Internal auditor
Fraud Investigator
Financial Controller
Export Control Manager
Sales Team Leader
Procurement staff
Corporate lawyer
CSR professional


The training offers a most compact and convenient 5 afternoon-seminars in 5 months formula, starting in December 2019 and ending in April 2020. The course is organized on Thursday afternoons, taking place within the premises of the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), Rue Ravensteinstraat 4, B-1000 Brussels, from 2 until 5.30 PM.

ICC Belgium c/o FEB-VBO
Rue Ravensteinstraat 4
B-1000 Brussels

Is your business a member of ICC Belgium, or a Belgian Belgian sectoral federations, or a Belgian chamber of commerce (VOKA, BECI, CCI, IHK)? If the answer is yes, you are eligible for a discounted fee! Not sure? Don’t hesitate to contact us to enquire!  >>

Discounted fee for the entire training cycle: € 1.938 – excl. VAT,
or per seminar: € 390, – excl. VAT.

Ordinary tuition fee  € 2.280, – excl. VAT for the entire training cycle (5 seminars). This covers the attendance to the course, teaching materials and the drinks.
The fee for a single seminar is € 460,- excl. VAT.

All applicants should hold a Master degree from an accredited university or business school or demonstrate sufficient expertise (e.g. professional experience). Working knowledge of English is required.

For the edition of the training cycle starting in December 2019, the application deadline is 30 November 2019. It’s always possible to register for separate seminars up to one week before it takes places.

All participants enrolling for the entire training cycle and successfully participating to the certification process can be registered as “Compliance Professional” at ICC Belgium. The certification process happens through a short test: questions can be provided at the beginning of each of the five seminars, and answers are expected electronically within 3 weeks.


    // Discounted fee for the entire training cycle: € 1.938 – excl. VAT, per course: € 390, - excl. VAT. For the ordinary tuition fee, please see above. Eligible organizations for the discounted fee are member of either ICC Belgium, or a Belgian Belgian sectoral federations, or a Belgian chamber of commerce (VOKA, BECI, CCI, IHK):
    Member of ICC Belgium:
    Member of a Belgian sectoral federations:

    Member of a Belgian chamber of Commerce (VOKA, BECI, CCI, IHK):

    Please note that the organizers may ask participants registering at the reduced rate to provide the relevant proof or to contact the mentioned organization for checking the provided information.

    //I would like to enrol for:

    One or more sessions:

    The full programme



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